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Bowdoin College professor for "US News Best Colleges" guide.
Designer Jill Mcgowan for Down East magazine.
Burts Bees co-founder Roxanne Quimby for People Magazine.and designer Angela Adams for Down East magazine.
LL Bean CEO Chris McCormick for Down East magazine.
Vintage auto mechanic portrait for Yankee Magazine.
Juggling comedian, Michael Michlon, portrait for Yankee Magazine.
An archivist shares some of her rare art.
Ladder maker portrait for Yankee Magazine.
Malagasy traditional healer. Whale researcher Michel Moison for Smithsonian magazine.
Natural products company founder Tom Chapel for Forbes Magazine
Maine wildlife biologist Randy Cross for Yankee Magazine
A dollhouse maker puts the finishing touches on his work.
Medical marijuana user relaxes symptoms of glaucoma. Mountain man Eustace Conway takes a hot bath, shot for People Magazine.
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