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In winter, as sure as the snow will fly in New England, the snowy owls of the Arctic escape the harshest of their seasons and migrate south, taking up residence near coastal marshes in the relative "warmth"  of the northern United States. New England is the recipient of a large number and I've spent extensive time photographing a community of four who settled on the Maine coast. Here they have an active presence, perching in trees, on the ground and on rooftops, to rest or to eye prey and commence dramatic flight in their quest. Similar scenes can be witnessed in all six New England states, but more frequently along the coast in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The haunting golden-yellow eyes, their white feather and fur-covered physiques and up to five foot wing spans makes them an attractive subject for photographers, bird watchers and nature lovers. They are compelling creatures who draw crowds, offering the opportunity to witness the workings of the wild right here in our own backyard.
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