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Sandhill cranes fly in front of the moon during a spring migration stopover in central Nebraska.
A curious young snowy owl peers into the camera lens as he flew in the direction of the photographer while hunting.
A female snowy owl hovers to reposition on a log perch while wintering on the Maine coast from their home range in the Arctic.
A female snowy owl launches into flight from her ground perch while wintering on the Maine coast from their home range in the Arctic.
A bald eagle, perched in a tree on a western Maine lake, is silhouetted against the rising full moon.
A northern harrier hovers to hunt in the prairie grass in central, Nebraska.
A pre-fledge, juvenile great horned owl looks out from its nesting tree
Fall foliage splendor, Kent Pond, Killington, Vermont
A bull moose feeds in the Allagash River in Maine.
Mt. Desert Island, 25 miles off the Maine coast, protrudes from the Atlantic like a surfaced submarine.
The Harvest Moon rises behind the beacon of Nubble Light in Cape Neddick, Maine.
The full snow moon sets over the Presidential Range.
Betsileo villagers, on Madagascar's High Plateau, stand on the porch outside their house at sun rise.
Bright yellow fields of rypsi, from which butter and oil are derived, and magenta horsma, contrast a vibrant cloud-highlighted sky in central Finland.
Midnight sun illuminates a daisy bush, known in Finnish as "Paivan Kakkara", in the country's central region.
A common loon swims in the West Branch of the Penobscot near Baxter Park in Maine.
A male cardinal eats berries from a bush on a winter morning in Vermont.
Cobblestone streets add to the old-world feeling in Tallinn, Estonia's Old Town district.
Bald eagles rebuild their nest on Florida's gulf coast.
An American bald eagle descends towards the ice of a central Maine lake.
Egrets compete for space in the mangrove waters on Sanibel Island, Florida.
A snowy egret glides over the water on Sanibel Island, Florida.
A male great egret displays its mating season plumage near the nest on Florida's gulf coast.
A common loon flaps its wings on the water in Rangeley Lake in Maine.
A skein of Canada geese fly north past the rising half moon in Maine.
Twin crested cormorants, silhouetted against the full moon, roost on power lines in Maine.
A male lion lets out a robust yawn while resting with a another male on Kenya's Masai Mara.
A brown bear looks for salmon, from an overhanging tree trunk on Admiralty Island in Alaska.
A spirit bear, an often white subspecies of the American black bear, walks along the coast in British Columbia.
A humpback whale swims in the Gulf of Maine Atlantic waters.
An umbrella-toting pedestrian is reflected in the rain-covered hood of his car.
The "Big House", the traditional gathering place of the Kitasoo and Xai'xais people, is prominently positioned on the point of Swindle Island in the coastal fiords of British Columbia.
New Zealand's Southern Alps
The full moon rises behind Heublein Tower, on Talcott Mountain in Avon, Connecticut.
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